About Me!

Chelsea Noel Pahls

I am currently a student at Washington State University looking to thrive in the field of communication! I believe that throughout life, people; in all encounters, scenarios, and relations, are what teach us the most. I grew up being the middle of five children. I had an older sister and brother, then me, followed by a little brother and a little sister. My family was extremely active as I grew up, partaking in hobbies such as motorcycle riding, camping, biking, hiking, all varieties of sports…basically anything outdoors. Doing all these activities as a family is where I think I learned my foundation for life lessons, morals and about being a part of a team.
Finally when I was of appropriate age, I then moved on to play many different sports where I strengthened those team building skills. During my high school years I got accepted into my schools Leadership program. This capitalized on many important life lessons and learning outlets for me. Intrigued by what I was learning, I made the decision to pursue a degree in Communication here at WSU.
I consider myself an active person. Im always up for trying new things and exploring life. When creating multimedia stories this semester I think I will find the most interest in explaining myself more in detail, sports, crafts or outdoor activities. I love getting crafty and am excited to explore adobe programs more in depth!


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