Final Video Project

All pictures were mine or given to me by family and friends to use. The music was found under a free copy-write licence on Free Music Archive’s website-

Story Board Link: Storyboard

My final video is again focused towards sports and the impact they have had on me throughout the years. I first start my video with a picture of me and my high school basketball team at the regional tournament in 2012. This picture was taken by me mom from in the stands. Then I have an intro title of Girls Basketball dissolve into the frame, and dissolve out of the frame. I then go to a picture, again taken by me mom, of me and my middle school team in our pre game huddle. From there it transitions into a solo shot of me awkwardly shooting a free-throw during one of my middle school LSJAA games. Then the page turns and a picture on me in high school shooting a free-throw appears then fades into another picture of me and my team winning the playoffs. After this, a video clip of Sierra Brown is featured. She is doing some ball dribbling drills. Then clips of her shooting a lay-in and shooting some free-throws is played. After these clips I interviewed Sierra an asked her what basketball has meant to her. Proceeding this interview, I continued with a chain of pictures of me and/or me and my teams playing sports over the years. I include basketball team pictures, an individual action shot of me playing basketball, me and my three best friends dressed up for prom holding basketballs, a transformation picture of me and two girls that have been on my soccer team since we were first able to play and compared it to a similar picture of us three grown up and ready to play our last soccer game together. Then I continue with an action shot of me playing club soccer during high school and follow with a blast from the past of me holding up a bat ready to play T-ball. I also include an action shot of me in PASCO for track and field jumping the triple jump. I round off with another solo shot of me playing high school basketball and a collage-action shot of me during a basketball game. While all for these sports pictures are transitioning through, I include a voice over of what sports have meant to me and a few lessons it has taught me; including, hard work, team work, perseverance, dedication as well as sports being like a second family to me.  I continue to state that even though I wasn’t able to continue playing sports at a higher level, sports will always be a part of my life. I enjoy going to as many sporting events as I can, including women’s basketball here at WSU. The last segment of my video is a recording I took of our WSU women’s basketball team playing live at Beasley Coliseum. I end the video with a picture of Butch, me and one of my good friends there, court-side, at the game. I used an array of transition features because each sport and each year playing help its own transitions in my life. During all of this I have the continuous song Break the Lies-Tigerberry playing in the background. All of my pictures were either my own, taken by my family and/or given/allowed for me to use for this project. The song I chose to play was also under a free copy-write license that I found on the Free Music Archive website.