Gerwyn Jones Profile


Gerwyn Jones is a radio host for Radio Habana Cuba 102.5. Speaking fluent mostly fluent English, he is the English reporter for the station. Jones is 71 years old and has been traveling to Cuba since 1982. He is from Toronto, Canada and still continues to travel back and forth from Canada to Cuba. Working for the station for only 18 months, Jones is very intelligent in Cuban affairs. He reports the news, sports, weather, and culture. His favorite part of the show is reporting on cultural aspects such as music, architecture, language, dance, religion, etc.

Radio Habana Cuba recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2011. Even though Jones hasn’t been working for the station for quiet that long, he is still very vocal with how he feels about Cuba and the relations that are going on between the United States and Cuba.

“The values of Cubans will not change when the U.S. and Cubans relations go towards normality,” Jones said. He has the best hopes that the normality of relations between the two countries will help the economy and the people in Cuba. One concern that Jones does have about the relation between the U.S. and Cuba is that the U.S. will influence more violence to occur.

“Cubans are essentially peaceful and welcoming people. We don’t want the U.S. to influence violence or the right to bear arms,” Jones said. These were two of the differences that he pointed out between the two countries. Cuba would greatly benefit from bettering relations with the United States, but many Cubans have concerns with the cultural effects that will take place simultaneously. Some examples given of negative impacts the U.S. might have on Cuba where the influence of gangs and violence.

Jones plans on continuing to work for the radio station for many years. His enthusiasm and passion for Cuba drives his work ethic and desire to learn. He loves what he does and believes it has an impact on the communities in Cuba.


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