Opera Singers in Cuba

Opera Singers

(Me and Jessica with two of the opera singers that preformed in the hotel)

Walking the streets of Havana on another scorching day, Jessica and I began to hear a faint melody coming from within one of the beautiful buildings surrounding us. We decided to follow this beautiful tune to try and figure out where it was coming from. As we got closer to the hotel located behind were we were staying, we began to hear more clearly the deep, passionate bellows coming from what we recognized as opera. We entered the hotel to find three young men preforming in the middle of the lobby of Hotel Savia. There was a medium size crowd hypnotized by the powerful music these men were preforming.

I’ve only been to one opera performance in my life time and it was called Madam Butterfly. From this performance I wasn’t very impressed with the story line or the opera. It was a good experience but I never took interest in it. After being in Cuba for a few days and listening to all the street music and live performances during the days, I would have never expected to hear locals singing opera. The passion and power I heard these three men singing was mesmerizing. I can say that I have never been so locked into a performance and felt so many emotions from hearing any kind of music. These three men were nicely dressed, but not over dressed, singing in the middle of a hotel lobby the same way I’d imagine they’d sing onstage at their own personal concert. The hotel didn’t advertise this performance or make a big deal about it. It was very casual but the performance itself exerted as much talent as any professional singer or performer I’ve ever witnessed. This was just one small experience in Cuba that opened my eyes to the beauty and culture that the country held.

Here’s a short clip of one of the many songs these three men were preforming in the hotel lobby. There is also a hyper link that connects to the video above- https://youtu.be/yMv-dCyv9i8


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